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My husband, son and I moved from TN to FL a little over a month ago and began our home search in early June. Upon viewing Zillow/MLS and other similar sites, we were referred to Adrian Waring as a great resource and realtor. (This was our third home purchase).

As we have had  pretty standard relationships with our realtors in the past, we didn't think too much into choosing one, and went with the recommendation of Adrian. What.An.Experience!

From day one, Adrian made finding our home a DREAM! While still in TN, Adrian spoke with us frequently about our personal wish lists and desired areas/ He narrowed our searches to homes we loved and homes we needed additional information about. He was a WEALTH of information. His honesty

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Take me out to the Ballpark, Take me out to the Game, Buy me some Peanuts and Beer.... :)  Priceless Realty Client Appreciation day at Jet Blue Park in Ft Myers!! Lets Play Ball!!!  If you are a past client call your Priceless Realty office today for tickets.

Priceless Realty would like to thank all our current and past customers for their continued support with another “Priceless Customers” event! If you are a past or current customer of Priceless Realty please contact your local Priceless Realty office as soon as possible to claim one of our 100 tickets to our local spring training match up of the Boston Red Sox vs Minnesota Twins. We have reserved a private VIP Section for our clients to enjoy the game in this beautiful Florida weather and it is

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“I bought a second home in the Florida sunshine - Let me help you find one, too!

Finding my calling in Floridahas been a journey and reaching “60” was the trigger. It was my husband John’s idea to spend winters in Florida and I fought him all the way. For many reasons: fear of missing my friends and family, worries about managing our properties in Oswegoand most of all finding work that is satisfying.

I like to work, dig into a project, set goals, learn new skills, communicate with others, and get satisfaction from results.

It’s all come together with our move in January 2015.  After a 63 hour licensing course in November and signing on with an experienced team at Priceless Realty I’ve sold two properties, listed and sold our condo and purchased a new home

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Priceless Realty has rented out the ice skating rink at Germain arena for our Customer Appreciation Event THIS WEEKEND. We are inviting all past and current Priceless Realty customers and their families to come out and enjoy getting on the ice! Bring the kids because they also have "helper" walkers for the young kids to help them with ice skating. This is a free fun event for the whole family so don't miss out and we hope to see you there.

WHEN:  This Saturday January 31, 2015 TIME:    4:00 - 5:00 pm PLACE:  Germain Arena - 11000 Everblades Parkway, Estero, FL 
Please RSVP by calling or emailing Cindy by Saturday morning (1/30/15) to provide us with the number attending and your phone number so we can provide you a…
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We know the North is experiencing some heavy winter storms and that they expect to get "dumped" on with snow and ice this week! We hope for a safe and warm week for all our Northern friends but while sitting here in Florida, in the 70-80 winter weather, it is sometimes hard to remember it is COLD up north. Floridians start to bundle up when weather hits below the 70's so we can only imagine the prep for the weather the Northern states are about to see.

When sitting in the cold and trying to figure out what to do just announced that Fort Myers was ranked the 4th best spot for a winter escape. Just like it says in the article you can leave the cold winter weather to be in the sun and boating with a simple plane trip to our Fort Myers

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Fred and I couldn't be more proud of our brother, Kevin Price, who has been appointed to the Board of Trustee's for Florida Gulf Coast University. Its a HUGE honor and to be nominated and selected by the Florida Governor doesn't happen often to someone only 33 years old. Kevin has been very active with FGCU and when nominated for the position he knew that it would be a unique opportunity that would allow him to keep active with FGCU while helping on larger decisions as the universtity continues to grow. We are excited to all the amazing things he has in store for our area and FGCU and know he will do great things with the university.

Fred and I are both FGCU Alumni and are proud to have Priceless Realty as an FGCU Alumni Owned business. We actually

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Foreclosures in Lee CountyThe housing market might have collapsed back in 2006, but for the first time, in a long time, there is hope.

Take a look at some of these Lee County Real Estate stats:

1) Only 166 lawsuits were filed-compared to the 204 in August and 239 in September.

Foreclosure lawsuits can take up a lot of time and energy in the real estate game, not to mention money. With the amount of foreclosures happening, developers began to pull permits. They figured it wasn't worth the risk. If people couldn't even afford to pay their mortgage, what was the point of keeping the permits around.


Most of the sales being made aren't being down with a mortgage. When it comes to real estate this is good. There are

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According to inside reports, the housing market has been improving. Only a year ago things looked to be a bit bleak and dismal. About a year ago, the housing situation was around $168,000. This was the most amount of profit real estate agencies could expect to get for every property that was being sold.

Housing in Lee CountyAccording to the latest data, which comes from the Realtor Association of Greater Fort Myers and the Beach, the numbers are increasing. The numbers are currently at $175,000. This might not seem like a lot to some, but it does show definite improvement.


Here's some data for the Lee County area. For closed sales, the number rose up over 2%. The original number was about 940. Now

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Brother, Fred and Tony Price have built successful careers in real estate over the last ten years in Southwest Florida. As Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) Alumni, these savvy, self-made businessmen have created quite a name for Priceless Realty in town.

Not only do several of their family members work in the business, but they currently have over 30 Top Producing Realtors representing the company, and many other employees in their affiliated businesses, Omega Title, Fairview Lending, and Lauren Homes. And the company workforce keeps on growing as the brothers have hardworking, successful people, who fit their model of topnotch customer service and loyalty, wanting to join their forces!

Fred and Tony Price have been featured in commercials,

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Bonita Springs Gated CommunityTHE UNGATED HOMES

Those who are in the Bonita Springs Real Estate game are starting to come to a sad realization. Homes that don't have gates are just not being built anymore. This may seem like a paradox, considering those homes are some of the first to go. If you talk to any developer in the Bonita Springs area, they will tell you differently.

There is just not a demand for them much these days. Yes, they do contribute to the sale increases on the open market. However, this is for the homes that are already built. These homes were constructed years ago. Years ago, the demand for homes without gates was pretty huge. Developers are now saying that homes with gates are where the draw is.



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